Feb 03, 2017

If your skin could talk, this is what it would say…

“I know what you did last summer. And last night.”

Ate pizza in bed? Your skin knows all about it.

When it comes to relationships, my babes have a few: your bestie, your doona and the fridge.

But the thing you spend most of your time with is your skin.

Can’t hear its muffled cries? Allow me to translate:

*Muffle. Muffle. Cough. Cough.*

Ate pizza in bed? Your skin knows all about it.

“Oh hey frank. Nice to see you again. I need to get a few things off my pores.

Firstly, I feel like she’s always covering me in a paper bag. Oh God, here we go again. ‘PUT DOWN THE concealer, BABE.’” – your skin

Contouring, highlighting, smearing, dabbing: it’s like art and your skin is the canvas. When you apply it to your skin those tiny pores gobble it up. Nom, nom, nom. And if you don’t wash it off before bed or before your hit the gym, your pores can swallow the whole thing. The result? Dull skin and breakouts. So always take of your makeup. Or better yet? Wear nothing at all.

“We had salami pizza for dinner again. I can still taste it on my pores.” – your skin

Your stomach says ‘yes’, but your skin says ‘no. And #letsbefrank, your stomach always wins. What you eat eventually ends up on your face because your skin is a living, breathing thing, babe. Try to keep your oil, carb, caffeine and sugar intake down. Feed your skin foods that are rich with omega-3, such as fish, dark leafy greens, and nuts. That will give those pores something good to munch on.

“I don’t mean to cause a scene and keep breaking out like this but she gives me no choice.” – your skin

There are so many things that can cause pimples, such as hormones, alcohol and dirty skin. Keep it clean and under control with my Sweet Cheeks skincare kit: three simple steps made from simple ingredients to cleanse, nourish and hydrate skin. So it will have nothing to complain about.

“I. Can’t. Stop. Itching.” –your skin

Your skin needs your attention, babe. A lack of hydration is the usual culprit and it needs a lot more of it. Boost your skin’s hydration in the cooler months with rich moisturisers like my Body Cream. It contains shea and cocoa butters which are deeply hydrating yet lightweight so your skin can stop all that wriggling.

“He was gorgeous. I’m blushing. Oh no, I’m not. I’m hot. Real hot.”

That’s too much sun, hun. Keep protected even when it’s overcast. Your skin doesn’t want to look like a pug when it hits 50. It would much rather cuddle those. #letsbefrank.

“It’s like she’s punched me in the face.”

Sounds like you’re having a sleep battle, babe. Dark circles around your eyes can mean you need more sleep and a check of your iron levels too.

As you can see, your skin and I have a lot in common – we can both talk.

Catch a glimpse of our blossoming relationship @frank_bod.

Did you hear that? It said it wants to see me right now.

Works for me.

x frank

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