Feb 03, 2017

How to get dirty with my coffee body scrubs.

#letsbefrank, it's how you get clean.

Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean: 4 steps to soft, silky skin.

So you’ve trawled the internet for soft, glowing skin and somehow you found me.

Just like dirty things, I arrived in a brown paper bag. And now you’re blushing.

But don’t worry, every body is doing it.

So instead of me yapping on about it, I rallied up some babes to tell you all about it.

Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean: 4 steps to soft, silky skin.

Babes, it’s time for some action.

Want to see the sequel?

Check out my YouTube for the next step: my Body Balm.

Want to show the world your dirty side?

You can do that here on my Instagram @frank_bod.

But babe, try to keep it clean. Wink.

x frank.

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