Feb 14, 2017

Introducing my new Glow Mask.

This is your new morning quickie; just five minutes to glow and go.

The best ‘O’, I mean ‘glow’, you’ll ever have.

#letsbefrank, babes are always looking for that ‘glow’.

Well now you can get it from me, every morning babe, with my new Glow Mask.

Here’s my mumma (and co-founder) Bree Johnson to tell you all about it.

So babe-Bree, what is a Glow Mask?

The best ‘O’, I mean ‘glow’, you’ll ever have.

“It’s a hydrating face mask packed with ingredients to boost radiance, fight free-radicals, moisturise and plump your skin. What every hardworking babe needs to look less dead – fast.”

glow mask product

So, why did you turn me into a face mask?

“It just made sense really. A mask was a natural progression of the face range and like most of our products you were reverse-engineered. The demand came from our audience. They tell us their skincare problems and we find solutions.”

So I’m becoming much more than just a coffee scrub. It’s like I’ve hit puberty, really. So how do babes fit me into their busy schedules?

“We all know that the best way to get good skin is to have a routine and stick to it. The Glow Mask fits in easily to our 3-step face routine. We recommend using it twice a week, in the morning after you cleanse with the Creamy Face Cleanser and exfoliate with the Creamy Face Scrub.  You work a thick layer around your face and neck using clean hands. Then leave for 5 minutes; make a coffee, do your hair, brush your teeth, take a selfie. Rinse. And follow with the Everyday Face Moisturiser. Easy.”

3077 - 20160711-Modifier

And what’s the result?

“You know those clouds that look really fluffy and firm? Like you could reach out and hug them? Your skin should feel like that – soft and bouncy.”

So, what am I made up of?”

“We chose some amazing natural ingredients for this mask. All designed to give you bright, bouncy skin.

Let’s start with the berries: there’s goji berries, packed with antioxidants. And cranberry and raspberry seed oils, which are naturally high in Vitamins E and A, and also contain essential fatty acids: Omega 3, 6 and 9 to give you that brightness.

Then there are the butters. Shea and cocoa butters to deeply hydrate without leaving your skin feeling greasy.

And of course coffee. Arabica coffee seed oil to get the blood pumping and make your skin bouncy.”


Just like sausages, there are a lot of face masks out there. So, what sets me apart from the rest? Besides from my good looks, of course…

“Oh yes, there are a lot of face masks out there. The key differences with our Glow Mask is the convenience: it’s just a five minute, morning mask. It’s rich and creamy. It sets but doesn’t dry. So you don’t get that tight feeling you do from detox masks. This mask is all about putting good stuff into your skin not taking anything out. It feels like a soufflé on your face. And smells like a vanilla thickshake too. Honestly, it’s the best morning quickie you’ll have.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Unlike puberty, I’ll let you know when it arrives.

x frank

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